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        The Right Tool for the Job:
Choosing Tools for Collaborative Work Online

This 18-minute presentation by David R. Woolley provides an overview of the vast array of tools available for online collaborative work, along with advice about how to choose the best tools for your specific situation.

        Video Conferencing Over IP:
Configure, Secure, and Troubleshoot

by Michael Gough

This is a good tutorial and reference for consumers and small business people who want to get started with inexpensive video conferencing. The book explains what equipment and software are needed, and covers the capabilities of both hardware and software from numerous vendors in some detail.

        Smart Videoconferencing:
New Habits for Virtual Meetings

by Janelle Barlow

This book focuses on how to integrate video conferencing into business communications: when (and when not) to use a video conference, how to present a professional image, avoid fumbling around, minimize distractions, and generally make a video conference run smoothly. The points this book makes are sound and apply to any video conference, regardless of what equipment and whose conferencing service you happen to be using.

Video Conference Options
Videoconferencing provides a face-to-face meeting without the travel costs
by Dave Zielinski, Twin Cities Business Magazine, August 2009

Discusses how falling costs and improving technology are increasing video conferencing options for business use.
Web Conferencing: Rich Media on the Desktop
by Jean Marie Angelo, University Business magazine, April 2006

Discusses how several universities are using web and video conferencing.
"No more jerky videos and voices - today there's a brighter web conferencing picture."
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Vendor White Papers

Multipoint Video Conferencing Technology
by Nefsis

This paper explains how Nefsis cloud computing, parallel processing and standard video peripherals deliver multipoint HD quality, while reducing cost and complexity.

Individual Product Reviews

e/pop 4.5 by WiredRed
by James Morris, IT Pro, June 2006
Detailed review of WiredRed e/pop (now renamed Nefsis). Most useful for readers with a high level of technical knowledge.
iChat AV 3.1.4 by Apple
An "Expert Review" from Consumer Guide Products, Jan 2007
Basic, descriptive overview of iChat AV features.
iChat: Leopard first looks
by Dan Frakes, MacWorld, Aug 2006
Describing features in iChat AV upgrade (expected Spring 2007) noting that screen sharing and remote screen control capability make this application more useful for businesses, tech support, and multimedia chat.
iChat Power Tips: Working Mac
by Rob Griffiths, MacWorld, Nov 2005
Collection of tips for advanced/experienced iChat AV 3.0 users for maximal functionality.
iChat: Tiger introduces multi-person video conferences to iChat
by Jason Snell, MacWorld, Apr 2005
Review of upgrades to iChat AV which include improvements in security and with managing buddy groups. Some suggestions provided for optimizing video quality.
LifeSize Brings High-Definition Enterprise Videoconferencing to a Meeting Room Near You
by Al Sacco, CIO, July 2007
Review of LifeSize Room praising its pricing, portability and "plug and play" capability. Voice quality and sound pick-up are also promoted.
Lifesize Room
by Matthew D. Sarrel, PC Magazine, Nov 2006
Short review of LifeSize extolling picture quality, ease of setup, configuration and price.
LifeSize Room Ups Conferencing Ante
eWeek, Oct 2006
Review of LifeSize describing basic features and applauding HD image quality, sound quality and large conference room suitability.
ooVoo (beta) Review
by Michael Muchmore, PC Magazine, Dec 2007
Detailed review of Oovoo describing its features and examining sound and video quality.
OpenMeetings Free Video Conferencing Software
by Paul McGillivary, PaulTech Network, May 2008
Brief trial of Openmeetings describing some strengths and some problems.
SightSpeed 6.0
by Davis D. Janowski, PC Magazine, Mar 2007
Review of SightSpeed detailing new features. Version 6.0 awarded 'Editor's Choice' for improved video quality, Windows and Mac compatibility, and new interface.
SightSpeed: The Best Voice/Video Conferencing Solution Around? And It's Free!
by Benjamin Higginbotham, Technology Evangelist, May 2006
Very detailed review of SightSpeed including comparison chart with four competitors.
Skype 3.0: Streamlined and Enhanced for the New Year
by Joseph Moran, WinPlanet, Jan 2007
Very detailed description of Skype 3.0.
Skype 3.0 for Windows beta
by Davis D. Janowski, PC Magazine, Nov 2006
In-depth review of Skype 3.0, including slideshow of features.
VBrick: Webcasting Made Simple
by Michael Caton, eWeek, Jul 2006
Review of VBrick Systems VBCorpCast appliance noting relative affordability for a system with features that fall between full-blown Webcasting and full-blown Web conferencing.
Paltalk Plus Free Trial


Multi-Product Reviews & Comparisons

VoIP Services
by Anoife M. McEvoy, Wired Magazine, Oct 2007
"If you've been skeptical about deep-sixing your landline, it’s now time." Brief and to-the-point reviews of eight VoIP phone services as replacements for traditional landline phones: AT&T CallVantage, Comcast Digital Voice, Verizon VoiceWing, Vonage, Gizmo, Lingo, Packet8, and Skype. Lingo wins the Editors’ Pick.
Video Chat IM Software Review
Top Ten Reviews, 2007
Features comparison chart of Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, PalTalk, SightSpeed, iChat AV, Camfrog, Tryfast, AIM, ICUII, and iSpQ. Use caution interpreting this chart! It's not completely clear how it defines its terms, and individual product reviews seem to contain some contradictory information.
Mac VoIP/Video tools: new features just keep comin'
by Ted Wallingford, download squad, Sep 2006
This review updates a July 2006 review of 4 free VoIP tools for the Mac: Yahoo Messenger, iChat AV, Skype, and SightSpeed specifying what's changed/improved and what has not.
Free Video Calls
by Davis D. Janowski, PC Magazine, Sep 2006
Using "regular folks" as testers, SightSpeed, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger are tried with family and friends. The user commentaries address issues of ease of setup and use, video quality, costs, and comparison with other products that have been tried.

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