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Product Reviews
A+ Conferencing
Low cost, reservationless web conferencing, phone conferencing, and video conferencing.
Adobe Connect (formerly Acrobat Connect or Macromedia Breeze)
Web conferencing platform for meetings, webinars, and eLearning, featuring PowerPoint slides, live and recorded video, audio, Flash presentations, and live screen sharing.
Arkadin Web Conferencing
Global implementation of a suite of tools for personalized on-demand audio conferencing, operator-assisted web conferencing, document/project sharing, webcam and online streaming of audio or video.
Assemble Conferencing, by Globalive Communications
Exclusively serves wholesalers and resellers. Customers receive a branded self-serve site featuring audio and web conferencing.
Offers Vidyo hosted services and personal telepresence HD video conferencing on a wide variety of devices.
Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate)
Conferencing designed for live learning and training.
Breeze [ click for reviews ]
See Acrobat Connect Professional
Callworthy Conferencing
Resellers of name-brand conferencing services at flat monthly fees or discounted per-minute rates.
Hosted web conferencing service providing online meeting facilities for up to 50 people for a monthly fee.
Centra Live, from Saba[ click for reviews ]
A suite of software for real-time, interactive meetings and classrooms with features such as desktop and application sharing, whiteboard, text chat, VoIP, surveys, and more. Free trial.
Central Desktop Web Meetings
Inexpensive hosted service, offering real-time web conferencing for work groups. Offered as an optional component of Central Desktop collaborative workspaces.
Hosted service featuring desktop sharing, live video, and audio conferencing either by phone or VoIP. Conference rooms can be branded and embedded in your own web site. No software installation required to attend a meeting.
Hosted service featuring desktop sharing, live video, and audio conferencing either by phone or VoIP. Conference rooms can be branded and embedded in your own web site. No software installation required to attend a meeting.
Click to Meet, by First Virtual Communications (formerly CUSeeMe)
Acquired by Radvision. Continuing to support Click to Meet product. Providing infrastructure for enterprise video conferencing applications with advanced processing platforms and solutions.
Collaborator by Webatel
Hosted, affordable web conferencing, allowing you to put together your own package with only the features you need.
Collabrix, by Linqware
Secure instant messaging, audio conferencing, and web conferencing, all available from your desktop for ad-hoc meetings with teammates. Hosted service, with IM charged at a fixed monthly fee; audio and web conferencing billed on a per-minute basis.
Communiqué Conferencing
Hosted service offering web conferencing via WebEx, Microsoft Live Meeting, and Raindance, as well as video conferencing and pay-as-you-go phone conferencing.
Confer & Inform Meeting, by AbiTeq
Hosted service offering web meetings and webinars, designed to help individual professionals collaborate with colleagues around the world. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and iPhone. Based on RHUB conferencing platform.
Affordable web conferencing services with integrated audio and web cam video.
Conference IQ
Conferencing optimized for marketing and sales presentations, with private branding. Multimedia platform facilitates creation of presentations including images, live video, Flash animations. Also offers interactive features such as polling and chat.
Convenient tool for offering online training sessions, including PowerPoint presentations, screen sharing, VoIP and dial-in audio. Integrated registration and payment system. You set the price for attendees; Conferendum keeps 25% of participant fees and pays you the rest.
Connex International
Hosted service offering web conferencing, webcasting, audio, and video conferencing.
Inexpensive hosted web conferencing service for small group meetings. Offers VoIP via Skype or use a no-cost telephone conference bridge.
Cool Conference Live
Free, ad-supported service. Features live, Flash-based sharing of a pre-uploaded PowerPoint presentation to unlimited participants. Also offers file sharing, polling, streaming of MP3 audio, and ability for participants to take notes which are emailed to themselves. Audio is carried by phone, with participants dialing into a long distance number. Optional ad-free service for an annual fee.
Offers web conferencing as well as audio and video conferencing.
Dimdim[ click for reviews ]
Free, open source web conferencing featuring screen sharing, text chat, video, and VoIP. The server software must be installed on a Windows or Linux server. The enterprise version of Dimdim has been acquired by
Low-cost hosted web conferencing service, based in Australia.
Dreamcast F.A.S.T.
Licensed software featuring realtime audio and video at half or full duplex, along with web conferencing capabilities.
eAuditorium, by NetDIVE
Full-featured web conferencing software, offered (almost) free for unlimited simultaneous participants -- you only pay for support.
EasyWebPresenter, by
Inexpensive hosted service for online PowerPoint presentations. (Not a full-featured web conferencing service.) Telephone conference bridge is optional.
Inexpensive peer-to-peer web conferencing service. Flat monthly rate, unlimited usage. Features text chat or Voice over IP, whiteboard, web tours, and application sharing.
eLecta Live
Real-time virtual class or conference room for corporations, trainers, schools; featuring personal and shared whiteboards, data stream, session recording, interactive polling. Hosted or self-hosted options with pricing determined by number of concurrent users, subscription period, and edition chosen. Free 2-week trial.
Inexpensive conferencing software. With this and the Flash Media Server installed, you can host web meetings including audio, video, screen sharing, and whiteboard.
Encounter Collaborative
Offers a range of hosted conferencing services, from simple screen sharing via their own ShareItNow to full-scale web conferencing using Microsoft LiveMeeting.
eStudio, by SamePage
Hosted project management service featuring Flash-based web and video conferencing. Different configurations available depending on company size, number of projects, server and security requirements, etc. Can optionally be integrated with an eStudio collaborative workspace. eStudio's conferencing service is based on Digital Samba OnSync.
Offers two licensed software products to facilitate collaborative meetings: InfoWorkSpace, with text chat, whiteboard, and other web conferencing features, and the Encounter family of products, which incorporates live video and audio.
eZmeeting, by Sigma Design
Hosted web conferencing service sold on a monthly per-seat basis. Offers real-time presentations, with annotation capabilities, whiteboard, file sharing, and instant messaging. Includees a viewer capable of displaying Office documents, PDF files, CAD drawings and 3D models.
Free, advertising-supported webinar service. Features screen sharing, audio broadcasting via VoIP or phone, polling, text chat, Q&A, scheduling and invitation system, and custom branding. Allows up to 150 participants in a session.
FreedomMeeting Web Conference
Hosted web conferencing service sold on a per-minute basis or monthly fee for unlimited use. Conference presenters can use Windows, Macintosh, or Linux.
FUZE, by CallWave[ click for reviews ]
Hosted service offering instant meeting capabilities. Features screen sharing, as well as presention of pre-uploaded content in high definition (HD) and synchronized video streaming. Based on Flash; works on all browsers and all computers with no software download or install. Meetings can be managed or joined from mobile phones. "Fetch" feature allows bringing attendees into the meeting by calling them. Basic service is free; premium features available on subscription or pay-per-use basis.
Hosted conferencing service with a simple user interface, featuring remote control, multiple presenters, and a free audio bridge. Presenters can use Windows or Macintosh systems. No software download required for guests.
Genesys Conferencing (formerly Astound)[ click for reviews ]
Small group meetings and webcasting of Powerpoint presentations to large groups.
Glance[ click for reviews ]
Screen sharing made simple. Glance lets you instantly show your computer screen to anyone you choose over the web. Viewers need only a browser. Up to 100 guests at a time. Easy to assign control to a participant. Fully supports Windows and Mac, compatible with new operating systems. Free trial.
GoMeetNow, by RHUB Communications
Multi-functional web conferencing for PC and Mac. "Universal Attendance" technology ensures that everyone can join the meeting with no download whatsoever, supporting attendees on Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, or iPhone. Can also be used for remote PC access. User interface available in several languages. Allows individual participants to record sessions. Free trial.
GoToMeeting [ click for reviews ]
Simple, inexpensive, and easy to use conferencing service for small group meetings. Offers desktop sharing combined with HDFaces (high-definition video conferencing), audio conferencing via phone or computer, optional toll-free audio service. PC and Mac are fully supported. Meetings may also be viewed on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device.
GoToWebinar [ click for reviews ]
Simple and inexpensive conferencing service permits unlimited webinars and large meetings with up to 1,000 attendees for a flat monthly rate. The self-service interface offers features for planning, presenting, recording, and analyzing online events. Free trial.
Integrates a suite of standard web conferencing tools with a Group Decision Support System (GDSS) into a single application with both real-time and asynchronous collaboration features. This combination allows teams to conduct complex problem solving and planning in workshops, meetings, and trainings. Uses proprietary client software.
Very inexpensive conferencing software that can be licensed and hosted on any Windows or Linux computer. Features whiteboard, voice/video conferencing and desktop sharing, or host your own 3D chat world.
Designed for delivering online presentations to an audience, especially for distance learning. Available as a hosted service or as licensed software.
Offers both peer-to-peer and server-based conferencing. Participants can send any item on their Windows desktop to other users with a single click. Also offers IM-Live which lets you email a link through which anyone can instantly initiate a chat session with you.
HP Virtual Classroom
Now found at HP Virtual Rooms. Hosted conferencing service from Hewlett-Packard offering synchronous meeting and training rooms. Can use Outlook for scheduling. International user interface. 50 seat minimum.
Hosted conferencing service featuring live audio, live and prerecorded video, recording and playback, and attendance tracking. The user interface can be customized and branded. Flash based. Not to be confused with hosted workspace program called huddle.
HyperMeeting & HyperWebinar
Available standalone, or bundled with the full HyperOffice Collaboration Suite. Features include desktop sharing, remote control, multiple presenters, polling, file transfer, optimized slide presentations, and smart scrolling to synchronize participants' view of a document with the presenter's. HyperMeeting is meant for small group meetings; HyperWebinar serves audiences up to 1,000.
Offers personal workspaces, blogs, wikis, file sharing, tagging, instant messaging, presence awareness and other tools for team work. Open source version is free. Enterprise version adds workflow and other advanced features and is priced on a per-user basis. Based on Java/J2EE and a choice of databases (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle).
Offers a suite of conferencing products, variously designed for team meetings, online training and eLearning, large events and webinars, and online customer support. Uses a small downloadable client rather than a web browser. Offered as a hosted service or as licensed software on a per-seat basis.
Illustrate, by Mercuri
Hosted web conferencing with integrated audio, IM, presence, email, and contact management Browser independent, no ActiveX required.
IMConferencing (IMC), by LiveOffice
Instant messaging combined with web conferencing, conference calling, and real-time video. Offered as a hosted service on a per-seat basis.
InComm Conferencing
Offers a range of audio, video, and web conferencing services, reselling technology from WebEx and other providers.
InetCommunicator (formerly TTC Global Talk Interactive)
Hosted web conferencing service featuring, VoIP, recording, specialized room and user interface branding, live streaming or presentations can be placed on your site for on-demand viewing.
Infinite Conferencing
Offers web conferencing, audio & video streaming & webcasting, and reservationless and operator-assisted phone conferencing services.
Service designed for live presentations, featuring VoIP, optional webcam video, slide shows, and whiteboard. Includes automated meeting invitations and registrations and integrated PayPal payment system. Can be custom branded with a personalized URL.
Hosted online meetings with your choice of leading web conferencing services. Also offers video conferencing, streaming media, and a variety of online event solutions.
Inter-Tel Web Conferencing (formerly Linktivity)[ click for reviews ]
Premise-based conferencing software, featuring multi-point video, file transfer, polling and quizzing, desktop sharing, annotation, co-browse and record and playback features.
Interwise Enterprise Communications Platform[ click for reviews ]
Very high end suite of conferencing applications targeted at large corporations.
See WebOffice. Hosted web-based suite of applications. Includes document/calendar/database sharing, business-class email, task management and other office services. No downloads. 30-day free trial.
IPx Connect
Hosted conferencing services. Offers IPNexus for web conferencing, and IPVideo to combine video conferencing with web collaboration.
iTeleFusion, by GlobalSoft
Designed to be installed behind the firewall for use at companies with multiple locations. Combines live video, VoIP, data conferencing, and instant messaging.
Interactive web conferencing application featuring live screencasting, synchronized browsing, recording, sharing presentations, extensive moderator controls and more. Capacity for 1000's of participants in a single room. Multi-lingual. Internet based. Cross platform and handicap accessible. Also offering a reseller web conference server allowing companies to resell conference rooms and servers. Free trial.
Jhatak Web Meeting
Free Windows-based software for hosting and participating in web meetings. There is very little information about this software -- download it and take your chances!
LaunchForce, by Eloquent
Designed for large-scale online presentations, especially product launch events.
Link Conference Service
Remotely hosted web conferencing and phone conferencing.
Linktivity WebDemo
See Inter-Tel Web Conferencing
Remotely hosted meeting center featuring voice conferencing, document sharing, application sharing and demos, and web tours.
Lotus Sametime[ click for reviews ]
Premise-based conferencing software by IBM. Features instant messaging (compatible with AIM), whiteboard, and application sharing. A developer's toolkit allows building custom applications. Requires purchase of the server software plus individual user licenses.
Marratech[ click for reviews ]
Licensed client/server software for collaborative web conferencing and multipoint video conferencing.
Provider of web conferencing in Nordic region, distributing e/pop Web Conferencing and other collaborative software. Web site is in Norwegian.
MeetingMagnet, by BeaconLive
Universally deployable reservationless web conferencing featuring multiple leader control sharing, forward-caching, polling, chat, application/desktop sharing and more.
Provides web, audio, and event conferencing through partnership with Adobe Breeze. Also offers online account management and professional services such as facilitation, content authoring and branding.
MeetingPlace, by Cisco (formerly Latitude Communications)
Designed to be integrated permanently with a company's existing communication infrastructure. Available as licensed software or as a hosted service.
Offers a virtual shared desktop, in which any Windows application can be run, allowing PowerPoint presentations, collaborative document editing, web tours, etc.
MeetingServer, by Data Connection Ltd (formerly DC-MeetingServer)
A conferencing server designed for use by service providers who will sell online meeting services, or for direct use by large-scale enterprises.
MegaMeeting Web Conferencing [ click for reviews ]
Offers a range of video and web conferencing services, from personal to enterprise level. Guest participants need only a web browser with Flash; no additional software to install. Supports Windows, Macintosh, and Linux for guests; presenters must use Windows.
Message Impact Systems
Offers web conferencing services in the US and Canada via WebEx, Netspoke, Acrobat Connect, or Microsoft Office Live Meeting.
Microsoft Exchange Server
Features instant messaging and chat, audio and video conferencing, data sharing, whiteboard, scheduling, and more. Custom applications can be built.
Microsoft Office Live Meeting (formerly Placeware) [ click for reviews ]
Hosted web conferencing, PowerPoint presentations, whiteboard, web tours, live software demos, polling, streaming video.
Momentum Conferencing
Suite of products for web-based, multi-party audio and video conferencing. Streaming media, video embedded in email with no attachments or software, on demand VoIP audio (including hardware), no minimum or maximum number of participants, ongoing user training. Free trial.
Mshow, by InterCall
Designed for large group webcasts and online presentations. Presentations can include streaming video and audio, PowerPoint presentations, web tours, and application demos. Voting, polling, and instant messaging between participants is also supported.
Inexpensive hosted web conferencing for small group meetings, featuring desktop sharing with privacy control allowing you to choose which applications to share, meeting scheduling and invitations, file sharing, record and playback, and compatibility with firewalls.
Nefsis (formerly WiredRed e/pop) [ click for reviews ]
A turnkey conferencing system for enterprise and government customers, oriented toward collaborative work, featuring multiparty video conferencing, desktop and application sharing, and PowerPoint presentations. Participants need Windows and any browser. On-premise software or online hosted service.
Netbriefings [ click for reviews ]
Netbriefings provides large, broadcast-style webcast services specifically suited for secure company meetings, outbound marketing events and online training. Offers robust streaming media capabilities for live full-motion video or audio with slides, and an end-to-end "catering service" approach.
Hosted service based on Microsoft Live Meeting, with integrated audio and video conferencing.
Free peer-to-peer web conferencing software from Microsoft. No longer actively supported.
Netspoke (formerly iMeet)
Java-based service designed for meetings, and includes components for scheduling, registration, evaluation, and archiving. This is a remotely hosted service.
Offers services for web and audio conferencing and webcasting.
Wide range of hosted web conferencing, video conferencing and teleconferencing applications and services for small or large groups. Secure, fully-featured web conferencing includes desktop sharing, recording, live polling and more. Full service Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint video options, or bridging services supplied for your own equipment. Conference rooms available around the world by the hour, day or week.
omNovia Secure Conference
Hosted, secure video and web conferencing platform, integrated within your existing web site for up to 1,000 simultaneous participants and multiple presenters. Omnovia is web browser-based, (no heavy software installation), with integrated voice conferencing. Offers private file sharing and multiple moderator options. Also allows you to record, archive and rebroadcast your presentations in high resolution.
Onstream Media
Fully featured webconferencing, webcasting, digital media services applications capable of integrating data, video and voice media across platforms. Webinar event management. Point-and-click interface for content publishing with integrated credit card processing and pay-per-view features. Transcoding rich media for viewing content on a variety of user devices.
OnSync (formerly Socrates), by Digital Samba
Web conferencing with integrated VOIP audio and live video. File sharing, live polling, full feature recording, customizable screen layouts, Learning Management System (LMS) integrations available. Software for purchase or managed service options. Flexible licensing models available. Supports Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux. Flash based. Free unlimited use for up to three participants; monthly fee for larger meetings.
OpenMeetings [ click for reviews ]
Free, open source web and video conferencing software, based on Java and Flash. Works on any platform and any browser. User interface is available in many languages. May require more technical expertise to install than most commercial web conferencing software.
Ozone Conferencing
Hosted web conferencing and phone conferencing. Based in the UK.
Packetel Turbo Meeting
Hosted web conferencing featuring desktop sharing, interactive whiteboard and annotation, and text chat among participants. Firewall friendly; no software installation required for attendees. Monthly fee based on number of conference rooms and number of attendees per room. Packetel also offers internet fax and long distance phone service.
Collaborative workspace designed for CAD engineers and Architects, offering real-time web conferencing as well as document libraries, project management, etc.
(Very!) inexpensive premise-based conferencing software that can be run on an ordinary web server. Persony's unique architecture requires no server software, yet is not peer-to-peer, and requires no special client software for meeting attendees. An API is available for integration with other web services. Persony's Touch Meeting iPhone app allows hosting or joining a meeting via an iPhone.
PGi (formerly Premiere Global)
Hosted service offering presentation sharing using their own ReadyConference Plus, as well as web conferencing through partners including WebEx, Microsoft, Macromedia, and IBM.
PictureTalk, by Pixion
Enterprise web conferencing with support for clustered servers using Mac OS X Server, Windows NT/2000 Server, or Solaris; thousands of concurrent connections. Supports LDAP.
See Microsoft Office Live Meeting
A suite of multi-media web conferencing products. Live presentations simultaneous with remote audience participation using PowerPoint add-in; webinar with automatic scaling for viewer's needs; mobile studio for on-site video production. Hosted service.
Inexpensive hosted service offering a range of online presentation solutions, including mobile webconferencing capability and Showrooms: a dedicated web address available 24/7 for placing presentations with interactive capacity such as user input, polling, etc. Each account has one free Showroom. Users need only PC or Windows Mobile 5.0 enabled phone or PDA. Slides may be interactive, allowing audience members to respond to questions, with replies stored for later analysis. No software downloads, virtually all browsers supported. Audio is delivered over a telephone conference or via Skype.
Present Online, by
Hosted web conferencing service offering application sharing, polling, web tours, chat, and whiteboard.
Raindance [ click for reviews ]
Once a popular independent product, Raindance has been absorbed into Intercall and is apparently being phased out.
ReadyTalk [ click for reviews ]
Web and audio conferencing, with full support for both Windows and Mac users. Recording and playback feature also allows editing your recordings and creating podcasts. Pricing plans based on use and number of participants. Live demo and 30-day free trial.
RHUB Web Conferencing [ click for reviews ]
A web conferencing appliance (hardware/software combination) installable behind your own firewall. Features screen sharing, annotation/whiteboard, remote control. TurboMeeting bundles unique "view-only" feature along with Interactive modality allowing any user from any platform to join the meeting.
Offers low-cost telephone conference calling with WebEx web conferencing service at no extra charge. 24/7 operator assistance, pay only for use, multiple services based on need. Free demo.
See Showtime
Showtime, by Powwownow[ click for reviews ]
Share PowerPoint and PDF presentations with one presenter and up to 5 participants; screen sharing with up to 2 participants. Free.
See Convenos
Smart Technologies
Conferencing products offering desktop sharing, VoIP, webcam support, SMART board interactive whiteboard, Bridgit conferencing software, and more.
Conferencing offerings include eMeeting Server, eTraining Server, eSupport Server, and Web Presentation Server, plus hosted web conferencing services.
SNT Conferencing
Provides conferencing services in the Netherlands, including audio conferencing, video conferencing, web confencing, and tailored events.
Sonexis ConferenceManager[ click for reviews ]
Offers web and audio conferencing as a hardware/software appliance installed at your site.
Spreed, by struktur AG
Audio/video, presentations, application sharing, remote control. Supports Windows, Macintosh, Linux. Can purchase ongoing subscription or single event package. Free for up to 3 participants.
Audio conferencing by phone and VoIP, with or without screen sharing, for up to 1,000 participants.
SwitchPort, by Limu Solutions
Hosted service designed for large-scale corporate collaboration, e-learning, and knowledge management.
Super V, by IDESC, Inc.
Web conferencing featuring VoIP and multipoint video, available as a hosted service or as licensed software for unlimited in-house use.
Sykaro Web Conferencing
Hosted service offering audio and video conferencing, chat, instant messaging, web tours, whiteboard, and polling.
Talking Communities
Offers VoIP voice conferencing combined with web cobrowsing. Online conferencing rooms can be rented on a monthly basis, or you can purchase your own conferencing server. Also offers very inexpensive pay-per-minute conferencing at On-Demand Conferencing.
Web conferencing featuring real-time document/screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, VoIP, multiple presentation modes for more or less control of session. Monthly fee. Unlimited participants.
Offers web conferencing as well as a complete suite of business teleconferencing services, reservationless and operator assisted . Free conference recording, broadcast lecture/listen-only modes, interpretation/translation, and other features.
Offers reservationless web conferencing and audio conferencing.
Telus Web Conferencing
Offers pay-as-you-go access to WebEx for business users in Canada.
The Conference Depot
Inexpensive web conferencing, phone conferencing, and video conferencing for small groups.
A collaboration service based on Microsoft NetMeeting.
THT Web (Townhall Teleconferencing)
An international teleconferencing service also offering video and web conferencing services.
Touch Meeting, by Persony
Mobile and desktop web conferencing service based on Persony. You can host or attend a meeting from either a computer or an iPhone. Offers desktop and presentation sharing, whiteboard, text messaging, and sharing live camera snapshots or photos from an iPhone. Free for up to three meeting participants; larger meetings require purchasing an inexpensive Persony license.
TTC Global Talk Interactive Web Conferencing
See InetCommunicator
Next generation conference calling service featuring real-time audio and web conferencing, document sharing, call recording and group chat services. HD audio, document sharing, free call recording, local dial-in from over 40 countries, dial out to add participants.
Hosted web conferencing service that also offers a persistent discussion forum and library for ongoing communication after a real-time meeting.
Unlimited Conferencing
Offers low rates on WebEx conferencing. Pay-as-you-go or unlimited use flat-rate pricing.
Unyte, by WebDialogs[ click for reviews ]
Real-time web conferencing products with features for small groups such as screen sharing, scheduling, etc., or larger groups that need polling, audiocasting, event creation/management and more. Integrates with Skype. 1:1 application is free. Tiered pricing. Free trial.
Vcall Web Conferencing (formerly Communicast)
Hosted service designed for presentations. The user interface for audience members is very simple to use but allows many forms of interactivity.
Veeting Rooms
Complete virtual meeting environment, including audio and video conferencing, slideshow presentations, document sharing, text chat, and other tools. Based on WebRTC, Veeting works with an unmodified web browser and doesn't require any software downloads. Meetings up to 30 minutes can be scheduled for free.
VIA3, by VIACK Corporation
A highly secure online meeting service. Participants use proprietary client software rather than a web browser.
Vista, by Claripoint
Hosted web conferencing featuring PowerPoint Show, Web slides, Screen Show, screen sharing, and many other conferencing tools. Teamwork mode accomodates up to 20 audience members; Auditorium mode accomodates up to 200 audience members. Can accept plug-ins. Claripoint also offers playback of previously recorded presentations as well as conventional audio conferencing.
VMukti Meeting Place (formerly 1videoconference) [ click for reviews ]
Open source VoIP, WoIP audio/video webconferencing software for use on your own domain. User needs webcam and internet, though non-web users can participate via audio/video phone, MSN, Skype. Features include: multi-party audio/video, realtime application/desktop sharing, recording, etc. Web-based or desktop application. Available at SourceForge. Requires .NET framework, IE only.
Offers a variety of conferencing environments, all with secure voice communication delivered over the internet, some with live video. Uses Inter-Tel Web Conferencing as its conferencing engine. Also see
Conference rooms featuring VoIP and co-browsing for a flat monthly fee based on the number of seats. Requires Internet Explorer with plugin.
Vyew, by Simulat [ click for reviews ]
Browser-based, real-time, desktop sharing for up to 20 participants. Whiteboard markup capabilities, layering and filtering features to support multiple projects. Requires Java 1.5. Free through 2007. Business grade solutions available with premium features like customizable user interface, multi-language support, and a new infrastructure for increased speed.
Low-cost service that allows sharing your desktop with multiple participants over the web.
Web Conferencing Central
Hosted conferencing service offering web presentations, application sharing, and document sharing,
WebConferencing4U, by Obidicut
Name-brand web conferencing at discount prices, including WebEx, Placeware, Inter-Tel, and StartVisuals
WebEx [ click for reviews ]
Offers a Meeting Center for online collaborative work, Support Center for customer support interactions, Training Center for e-learning and online training, and OnStage for large events and seminars.
WebEx MeetMeNow
WebEx's low-priced instant meeting center features desktop sharing, annotation, control granting, and an integrated telephone conference, and optional live webcam video. Flat monthly fee, free 14-day trial.
Offers presentations, application sharing, VoIP, and recording/playback of meetings. The Java-based client software is open source, and the service itself is free during its beta testing period.
WebInterpoint, by WebDialogs
Simple web conferencing, available as a hosted service or licensed software.
Hosted web conferencing service oriented toward live training.
Collaboration software offering chat, audio and video conferencing, whiteboard, presentations, application sharing, phone, news, email, calendar, document sharing, training assessment tools, and more.
Windows Meeting Space
A built-in feature of Windows Vista. Allows screen-sharing meetings among up to 10 participants. Requires that all participants be on the same local area network and be using Windows Vista. Peer-to-peer architecture; no server required.
WiZiQ[ click for reviews ]
Free site devoted to online teaching and learning. You can give a live presentation to invited guests, and have it automatically recorded in WiZiQ's archives for access by anyone interested. Features audio, video, text chat, whiteboard, and ability to share content from PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Excel, and images. Works with any web browser.
Workspace3D, by Tixeo
Hosted web and video conferencing service offering a feature set similar to other conferencing vendors, but inside an immersive 3D environment with moving, gesturing avatars.
Yugma [ click for reviews ]
Free or inexpensive hosted web conferencing. For small group meetings, Unlimited use for up to 10 participants is free of charge forever. Inexpensive premium service permits more attendees and adds some extra features. Cross platform Java client fully supports Windows, Mac, and Linux users as both presenters and attendees. Includes free telephone conferencing or VoIP conferencing with Skype.
see VMukti
1-4-U Conference Call
Offers a full range of audio, web, and video conferencing services at discount prices.
3DXplorer/Online Meeting enables avatars in a 3D space, to share the content of a presentation, 2D document and/or 3D object with other avatars. Features desktop sharing, multi-presenter sharing, laser beam pointer, seated pose, and pop-up zoom. As a Java applet, it works on all browsers and all operating systems without a software installation.

GoToWebinar - Webinars for Everyone


Screen Sharing

Product Reviews
ANCIENT Laboratories
High resolution live video and VGA screen sharing products. No server used. Rapid screen transfer. Purchase presenter licenses only as you need them.
Easy-to-use way to "beam your screen" to up to 20 viewers at a time. Guests need only a standard web browser. Unlimited use, flat rate pricing.
Bosco’s Screen Share
Free screen sharing software for Windows and Mac. One-to-one screen sharing requires just Bosco’s software on each computer. Broadcasting your screen to multiple viewers also requires a web site where images of your screen will be automatically uploaded at a frequency you specify. May require some reconfiguration of your router and/or firewall.
CPub (Clipboard Publisher)
Very simple screen sharing. Each time you press the PrintScreen button, CPub takes a snapshot of your screen and uploads it to a web server, where your audience can view it through a web browser. Pricing and other details are not yet determined.
Glance[ click for reviews ]
Screen sharing made simple. Glance lets you instantly show your computer screen to anyone you choose over the web. Viewers need only a browser. Easy to assign control to a participant, up to 100 guests at a time. Fully supports Windows and Mac, compatible with new operating systems. Free trial.
Free, easy to use service offering one-click picture sharing with friends, with an instant messager-like interface.
HelpMeeting Presenter
HelpMeeting is now LiveLOOK
Very easy to use screen sharing. No software installation and no downloads on either side of sharing. Java-based. Works with any browser, any computer (Windows, Mac or Linux). any firewall.
Screen sharing with optional file sharing and remote control capabilities. User interface is available in English, German, and several other languages.
Free desktop sharing program for use over a network or the internet. Viewers need only a browser and almost any computer. Computer running ScreenStream requires Windows for download and setup.
ShareItNow, by Encounter Collaborative
Inexpensive, easy to use tool for sharing an image of your desktop with one person or a large audience.
SkyFex Remote Desktop
Free service that allows viewing and controlling a remote computer desktop. A Pro version offers longer connect times and more advanced features for a monthly fee. Requires Windows.
Unique, multipurpose software featuring screen sharing, VoIP audio and video, file transfer, chat, presence awareness, remote PC access, and remote support of unattended PCs. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPhone.
Vast Conference Screen Sharing
HD screen sharing for multiple participants. No software install needed; integrates with conference calls. Includes ability to send files and chat messages, and integrates with Outlook.
VGA2Web, by Epiphan
Hardware-based screen-sharing. The device takes the output from a VGA port or computer monitor and broadcasts it to your audience over the web.
Yuuguu [ click for reviews ]
Free while in beta. Set up a contact list, similar to an instant messaging system. After initiating a chat, you can click a button to show your screen, and optionally let your chat partner take remote control of your computer. Supports Windows and Mac. Both participants must install the Yuuguu software.


Product Reviews
A screencast is a digital video recording of what you see on a computer screen, useful in giving demos, explaining how to perform tasks, etc. While not exactly a real-time communication mode, they can be created and delivered to an audience very quickly, so they can be used for some of the same purposes as real-time screen sharing.
Camtasia Studio, by TechSmith
Commercial Windows software for recording and editing sophisticated screencasts. May be bundled with SnagIt, inexpensive software for capturing still images from your computer screen.
Jing, by TechSmith [ click for reviews ]
Free (for now) service. After installing the Jing software, you can share anything on your screen at a moment's notice. Select an area of your screen, capture it as an image or record it as a video (up to five minutes), then click Share. Jing saves your content as a Flash file and gives you a URL that you can share with anyone. Content is hosted on Jing screen capture works on Windows & Mac; requires Microsoft .NET Framework.
Screencast-O-Matic, by Big Nerd Software [ click for reviews ]
Free service that lets you create a screencast entirely from your web browser, with no software to install. Creates a Quicktime movie with or without audio, which you can save on your own computer or upload to Screencast-O-Matic's server to share it. Based on Java.

Texting & Instant Messaging

Product Reviews
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)
Free instant messaging software and service from America Online.
Akeni Enterprise Messenger
Akeni offers several instant messaging software products for business use.
Akonix L7 Enterprise
Instant Messaging gateway providing organizations with tools to securely manage use of public IM services such as AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo.
Bantu IM & Presence Platform
Instant Messaging platform for business, featuring encryption and firewall compatibility.
Feature-rich instant messaging including encryption, voice/video chat, voice mail, conferencing, networks, and more. No advertising. Flat fee pricing based on number of registered users.
CamFrog Video Chat
Shareware for "friends & family" oriented instant messaging and video chat.
eDial Web Communications Console
Secure, enterprise-level instant messaging that works with a standard web browser.
Effusia Business Messenger, by Liquid Communication Systems
Business-oriented instant messaging, installed as a turnkey solution.
Eyeball Chat
Free text and video instant messaging and chat service, compatible with AIM, MSN, and Yahoo instant messaging. Also allows sending recorded video messages.
EZ Texting
Offers inexpensive group SMS text messaging (send an instant message to an entire group of people.) Includes personalization of messages by recipients' first name, inbox for replies, sorting of contacts into unlimited lists and groups. API for developers.
GCN (Global Communications Network)
Free service featuring instant messaging, chat rooms, and web email. Requires software download (free).
Google Talk
Free instant messaging and voice chat service.
Free instant messaging software and service.
Offers enterprise instant messaging security and management software compatible with major IM systems.
Free open-source instant messaging software, aiming for cross compatibility with other major IM systems. offers associated commercial services.
Meebo[ click for reviews ]
Free instant messaging service with no downloads or installs. Need only PC with compatible browser (IE and Firefox supported). Supports many other instant messaging providers. Secure, international, multilingual, with new languages added continuously.
Free service allowing you to offer instant messaging on your site.
Inexpensive, easy to install instant messaging software designed for secure communication among users within a local area network.
Mirador Instant Messenger, by Serial Scientific International
Enterprise instant messaging server featuring strong encryption, message broadcasting, audio messages using VoIP, remote control, and application sharing.
MSN Messenger Service
Free instant messaging software and service from Microsoft. Includes voice chat and telephone paging features.
PalTalk Video Chat
Video chat and instant messaging, for two-way and group conversations. Offers both premium service for business use, and free service for home use.
RTMatrix, by FaceTime
A development platform that enables creation of instant messaging and presence aware applications. FaceTime also offers a variety of applications designed to allow enterprises to manage and audit IM usage.
Softros LAN Messenger
Instant Messenger software for LANs and intranets.
Sprint Instant Message
Free instant messaging software and service. Compatible with ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo.
TalkerBee, by Androme
An instant messaging chat and presence widget that can be easily integrated into any web site. Implemented with XHTML and Ajax (no Flash).
Unique text chat for up to five people in a room. Each person has their own section of the screen where their messages appear as they type.
Instant messenger that supports AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger. Trillian Basic is free; the inexpensive pro version adds video conferencing and other extras.
Free instant messaging software and service. Private group messaging for up to 150 participants per conversation. Unlimited attachments, real-time or offline. No spyware/adware. No need to open account, can use ID from AOL, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo.
WeMeeting, by NetDIVE
Business oriented instant messaging software, offering text messaging and VoIP. The software is free; you pay only for support.
Yahoo! Messenger
Free chat & instant messaging software and service.
ZPN Mesh, by Zullo Technology
Business oriented audio/video Instant Messaging/Chat service with file transfer, shared browsing,VoIP and other features. Encrypted. Able to communicate through firewalls. Can try service for free; monthly subscription packages available depending on number of users.
Ez Texting Mass SMS Software

Chat Room Software

Product Reviews
AddonChat Java Chat Software
Embed a chat room on your own web site. Free version displays ads; Pro version eliminates ads and includes many extra features.
Chat Essentials
Offers GlassRoom chat software and GlassHelp live help software either as licensed software or as a hosted service.
High-end chat software designed for online communities and customer support applications.
ConferenceRoom, by WebMaster Inc.
Chat server software available for purchase. An optional encryption module is available for secure chats.
Chat and instant messaging, with simple message boards. Available either as licensed software or as a hosted service with a monthly fee.
eStudio, by Same-Page
Platform for online collaboration; free for the first 30 days. In addition to live text chat, eStudio features message boards, calendars, project tracking, presentations, and more.
Chat/whiteboard software developed by hav.Software. Both the server and client software are implemented entirely in Java.
Outlook Messenger
A chat program for communication over a local area network (LAN). In addition to instant messaging, voice chat, and file transfer, this software can integrate with MS Outlook, enabling users clients to exchange Outlook calendar, contacts, emails, etc.
Free, open source chat software based on PHP and mySQL (or PostgreSQL or ODBC). Search Sourceforge for download.
raiderSoft Free Java Chat
Free hosted service, allowing you to put chat rooms on your own web site.
SiteSticky, by NetDIVE
Chat software available as free software with purchase of support. In addition to basic text chat, offers voice chat, avatar chat, and other features.
Free community chatting application that runs on a web browser. Unlike other IM systems, Snooggie is not based on personal contact lists but instead is open to the members of the community you have created. No downloads or installation.
Web Crossing
Features a choice of interoperable Java and HTML chat clients. Can be configured as regular chat rooms or as "auditorium" chats with a stage and audience, and may be seamlessly integrated with Web Crossing's forum and email software.
World Crossing
Free service allowing you to set up Web Crossing chat rooms for your own web site or group.


Product Reviews
Micro-blogging is a cross between instant messaging and blogging: it allows posting very brief text messages which are immediately delivered to either a restricted group of recipients or anyone who subscribes to your micro-blog.
Jaiku, by Google
In addition to micro-blogging, Jaiku offers "Lifestream", which allows sharing a variety of media other than text (photos, music, etc.) through connections with other social networking services.
Allows sending text messages, links, files, and events. Also features an API that allows developers to create their own add-on features.
ReVou, by Alstrasoft
Commercial software that allows you to host your own micro-blogging and instant messaging service.
The original and best-known micro-blogging service. The Twitter Fan Wiki offers links to many Twitter clients and add-ons.
Allows you to instantly publish text messages, pictures, voice, and video, using your cell phone to send information that immediately updates your web pages on sites like Blogger, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Remote PC Access

Product Reviews
Anyplace Control
Access and remotely control multiple PCs over the internet or LAN. Features file transfer, clipboard transfer, multiple simultaneous connections, and strong security. Requires Windows.
Allows you to see and hear your computer remotely via a web browser. Files/folders easily synchronized between your host PC and remote computer. Simplified printing and enhanced guest invite. Monthly fee; free trial.
Jhatak Automatic Desktop Sharing
Free Windows-based client/server software for remote access and control of a computer. There is very little information about this software, but it can be downloaded free.
Lets you connect to a remote computer either in view mode or in remote control mode. Both computers must be running Windows. One-time license fee.
Remote Utilities, by Usoris Systems
Software providing remote access to your home computer, enterprise management of workstations and servers, and remote support of customers. Offers a wide variety of connection modes. One-time software purchase; no recurring billing.
SkyFex Remote Desktop
Free service that allows viewing and controlling a remote computer desktop. A Pro version offers longer connect times and more advanced features for a monthly fee. Requires Windows.
Unique, multipurpose software featuring screen sharing, VoIP audio and video, file transfer, chat, presence awareness, remote PC access, and remote support of unattended PCs. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPhone.
VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
Free, open source software which allows you to view and interact with one computer using a simple remote control viewer program on another computer anywhere on the Internet. The two computers need not be the same type - for example, you can use VNC to view a Linux machine from a Windows PC.
WebEx PCNow
Web browser-based remote control of your desktop computer. Get instant access to your files, programs, email, and webcam from another computer or your mobile phone. Can be used to remotely monitor a room via your webcam. Works on PCs, Macs, and smartphones, such as the iPhone. Monthly fee; free trial.

Remote PC Technical Support

Product Reviews
GoToAssist[ click for reviews ]
Enables your support staff to remotely view, control, amend customer's desktop, share or retain mouse control, transfer files, record sessions, reboot, and more. Communication via web, phone or a combination. Easy transfer to additional support staff if needed.
Goverlan Remote Administration Suite
A suite of remote administration tools designed for IT professionals including tech support teams, system administrators, and IT infrastructure engineers. The suite includes Goverlan Remote Control, and WMIX enterprise software for managing Microsoft Windows PCs, which can also be licensed as separate products.
Inter-Tel Remote Support
Software allowing real time viewing and control of remote PC desktops, restoration of previous configurations, management of multiple requests, bi-directional file transfer. Access via web/email or phone. Free trial. 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
Remotely control a customer's computer. Features screen recording, chat, drag and drop file transfer, remote reboot, and clipboard transfer. ScreenConnect software is run on your own server; one-time purchase of a license never expires.
Full-featured web-based remote desktop support. Shared keyboard and mouse. Requires only a web browser. Flat monthly fee for unlimited use or per session payment option. No set up charge, free client connect.
WebEx Support Center
View/control remote desktop. Features include: 2-way video, explicit permissions for each action, multiple queues for skill-based routing, click-to-connect options, automatic system information collection, session recording. Works through firewalls, across platforms. Hosted service provided on demand, or stand-alone application.

Live Customer Sales & Support Systems

Product Reviews
Akeni Help Desk Assistant
Text messaging software that allows you to host your own web based live help system.
Hosted service that allows visitors to your web site to contact and you and communicate via text chat.
Hosted service. Live chats can be initiated by visitors to your web site or by an operator. Issues audio or visual alerts for new chats, new messages, and new visitors. Free for personal or evaluation use; low monthly fee for business use. eCRM edition includes ability to manage contacts, emails, and tickets.
Purchase appliance for offering screen/file sharing, shared mouse control, from any location. Data does not pass through 3rd party. Customer maintains overriding control. Completely uninstalls after each session leaving no footprint. Free trial.
CallSite, by NetDIVE
Licensed software featuring text chat, voice communication, cobrowsing, and application sharing with customers at your web site. Either customers or sales reps can initiate contact. The software is free; you only pay for support.
Available as a hosted service or as licensed software.
Chattalooga Live Help
Hosted service, rich in features.
Hosted service offering three methods for customers to communicate with you: callback (using regular phone lines), internet call (VoIP), and text chat.
A system designed for online customer interaction. Allows sales representatives to actively assist customers visiting a web site.
Chat software that allows you to track and interact with customers at your web site. Implemented entirely in Java.
Hosted service designed for customer interaction through a web site.
InQuiero, by NTR
Offers several software products: InQuiero Web Care, for interacting with potential customers browsing your web site, and InQuiero Technical Support, for providing tech support, including the ability to remotely control the customer's computer.
Online audio/video helpdesk and remote assistance. Customer support screen shows information about user including country and IP address. Missed calls automatically switched to answering machine. Available as hosted service for flat rate or full license.
KUIconnect! and KUIcontact!, by Globalise Interactive Solutions
Secure customer chat system, available as a hosted service or licensed software for enterprise use.
Hosted service. Offers flexible chat history reporting and features for saving, sorting, and viewing transcripts.
Hosted service allowing customer interaction via text chat. Operators can monitor visitors to your web site, and live chats can be initiated by customers or by operators. Operator can switch customer to another operator, assist customers by adding or removing items in the customer's shopping cart, etc.
Live Help Messenger, by stardevelop
Inexpensive software for live customer chat based on PHP and MySQL. Can be installed on Windows or UNIX servers.
Hosted service. The original version is free. A fee-based "Pro" version is also available.
LiveLOOK CoBrowse
When a customer clicks the LiveLOOK button on your web site, your customer support or sales agent can instantly see the customer’s screen. Agent can also be granted remote control of customer’s computer. Requires no software installation; works with any browser and any computer. Hosted service.
Offers several software products designed for interacting with customers visiting a web site.
Hosted service; monthly fee.
omNovia Live Talk
Hosted service featuring voice chat and optional live video. Works through firewalls; customizable interface.
Hosted service that offers live chat with your web site visitors.
SiteChat Pro, by
Inexpensive hosted service.
TrioLive, by ActiveCampaign
Text chat for customer service/support. Available as a hosted service or as licensed software installed on your own server.
Hosted service.
NetDIVE Communication Services & small business software


Product Reviews
Remotely hosted webcasting service supporting both live events and on-demand media streaming.
Open source and subscription-based options for capturing content and archiving webcast events. Some capacity for sharing Power Point presentations and real-time voice conversations, but primarily a one-to-many broadcast format. Integrates with existing media formats.
Creation and delivery of online events for both large audiences and small groups, featuring live video, PowerPoint presentations, and audience interaction.
Offers live and on-demand webcasting in partnership with Yahoo! Broadcast Services.
Telus Webcasting
Author, manage and distribute live or pre-recorded audio and/or video content and broadcast them over the Internet.
Webcast Group
Feature-rich live and on-demand interactive webcasts, webinars, streaming video, podcasts. Managed services or self-serve applications.
WebShow, by Mediascape
Live and on-demand video webcasting with PowerPoint presentations and other content.
Webcasting service designed for e-learning (seminars, lectures, presentations).

Presentation Creation & Delivery

Product Reviews
AngelVision produces Impact Movies: short and powerful online movies that get a strong and consistent message out to a large number of people. Your Impact Movie can be used for years and updated and modified to target specific markets. Learn more by attending an online presentation.
Avitage! Presenter
A tool for creating and managing presentations, which can then be delivered via Avitage's own web conferencing service or via third-party services.
A suite of applications, the core of which is voice and media-enriched presentation capability for both small and large companies. Multiple training,tracking and eLearning solutions; integrates with live web conferencing.
Replay Rich Media
Allows creation of an online presentation by uploading PowerPoint slides, then recording accompanying audio. You can use Replay's own conferencing services to deliver the presentation to large audiences., by Tometa Software
Allows you to record, playback, and publish your voice to flash in 3 easy steps, providing a quick way to put streaming audio on your web site.

Unique & Miscellaneous

Product Reviews
Access Grid
Not a desktop-to-desktop tool, Access Grid is an ensemble of high-end audio and visual display hardware and software, installed in conference rooms in institutional settings, and used for large-scale distributed meetings, seminars, and collaborative work sessions.
CODIAC Document Conference
Collaborative discussion and editing of documents in real time using a very simple interface.
Conferencing Experience Project (ConferenceXP)
A research project of Microsoft, in collaboration with academic developers and users, to build a distance learning environment featuring live video and audio.
Offers real-time picture sharing and drawing tools customized for various purposes: photographic portfolios, advertising and film shoots, stock photo galleries, and family & friends photo sharing. All are based on Flash. A free, basic drawing and picture sharing service is also available.
Offers a shared screen where you can upload many types of files (images, MS Office documents, PDF, Visio) and mark them up. The features are bare-bones, but it's free and doesn't require plugins (just uses Javascript). Requires Internet Explorer.
ezWebcar / ezWebTour
A plugin for Internet Explorer that allows a group of people to "cobrowse" web sites together, and communicate by text chat and instant messaging along the way. The original web site ( where this software was offered is gone, but you can search shareware plaza and locate free downloads.
GAO Engineering
Makes a variety of electronic equipment for VoIP and video processing. Primarily of interest to engineers designing conferencing systems.
A free groupware toolkit based on Tcl/Tk, used for building real-time applications such as drawing tools, editors and meeting tools that are shared simultaneously among several users. GroupKit is primarily of interest to software developers.
i.MeetNow, by J7Tech
A toolkit for use by software developers to integrate audio and video conferencing into web sites or software applications. i.MeetNow is an ActiveX tool that can be integrated with a variety of programming languages, such as Visual Basic, C++, JavaScript, and OO Pascal (Delphi).
Magi Enterprise, by Endeavors Technology
Enterprise peer-to-peer workgroup collaboration system, including document sharing, chat, and instant messaging.
NATural IP, by Newell Systems, Ltd.
Solves firewall problems common to internet conferencing applications, including peer-to-peer, instant messaging, chat, VOIP, and video conferencing.
A web conferencing system for structured, real-time collaborative work between 5 to 75 participants. Available in English or German, and as licensed software or as a hosted service.
A shared whiteboard allowing partners to handwrite, insert text, draw, erase, and view both mouse pointers in real time while discussing data over Skype. Basic version free. TalkAndWrite PRO available for purchase, offering additional features.
Collaborative drawing tool.

Defunct Conferencing Services

Product Reviews
These services are no longer available or have been absorbed by other companies.
Active Data Online WebChat
WebChat works with a standard web browser, with no applets or downloads required. Uses HTTP, an ASP.NET web server, and a relational database (MS Access or SQL Server).
Adobe Atmosphere
An authoring tool that allows you to create virtual 3D worlds. Users can chat and interact with each other as avatars. Sales and development discontinued.
Agile Live
Offers WebEx web conferencing services on either a pay-per-use basis or per-seat unlimited use basis.
ASAP, by Convoq
Presence-powered conferencing: combines presence awareness and instant messaging with web conferencing based on Flash. Convoq closed the service in early 2008 and turned over their customers to Convenos.
Aspen Conferencing
Offers audio, video, and web conferencing, including online meetings, document viewing, application sharing, browser sharing, and whiteboarding.
aveComm, by Atinav Inc.
Available as a hosted web conferencing service through ASP partners, or can be licensed on an OEM basis. Java based.
AVE Intervision
Real-time, web based conferencing applications: Virtual Board Room (VBR) and Virtual Class Room (VCR). VBR features multiple collaboration tools utilizing video and/or audio, ability to use whiteboard tools on .SVG, .JPG, .GIF and .PNG files. VCR 2.0 with synchronized audio/video, redesigned interface. Hosted or non-hosted options. Free Trial. Windows, MAC.
Hosted web conferencing service offering VoIP, live video conferencing, recording & playback and other conferencing features.
Inexpensive hosted web conferencing service for small group meetings.
ChatWeaver, by Ecreations
Chat software with user interfaces designed for both plain HTML and Java-enabled browsers. Discontinued in 2003, but the vendor still offers a suite of online community software.
Peer-to-peer web conferencing software that integrates with Microsoft Office. Meeting attendees need only a web browser to view presentations and even concurrently edit documents with the presenter.
Defero offered software for collaborative work, such as audio/video conferencing and collaborative viewing and editing of documents, including 2D and 3D CAD/CAM files.
Hosted service offering a variety of conferencing platforms for group collaboration and customer support.
eCollaborate, by (division of Canfone)
Hosted web conferencing service featuring VoIP, PowerPoint presentations, and meeting recording and playback.
A pay-as-you-go site that makes Microsoft NetMeeting easier to use.
E-Conference, Inc.
E-Conference has been acquired by InterCall.
No longer offered under the "egenda" name, but the vendor, Encounter Collaborative, offers other web conferencing services.
Enigma Community Suite, by Sereon Technology
Sophisticated software suite designed for chat-based online communities. Available as licensed software or as a hosted service.
e/pop Web Conferencing, by WiredRed
Rebranded as Nefsis.
A hosted service meant for engineers and manufacturers. In addition to standard web conferencing features, e-Vis offers 2-D and 3-D visualization of models from CAD/CAM systems, project management features, threaded e-mail based discussions, and more.
Hosted web conferencing and VoIP service, mainly serving the Asia Pacific region.
GRClive, by GrassRoots Communications
Offered internet web conferencing services providing video conferencing, audio, document and file sharing, and collaboration on demand. Also featured instant messaging compatible with major IM networks such as AIM, Yahoo, and MSN.
Offers instant messaging for both business and personal use, with support for encryption and firewalls, interoperable with other major IM systems.
Features web conferencing, instant messaging, document sharing, and PowerPoint presentations.
Available as software or hosted service. Single operator version is free.
Hosted service.
Loudeye Express
Acquired by Nokia.
Meet By Web
Hosted web conferencing service.
Remotely hosted service offering real-time multi-party video, voice, and data collaboration.
MentorPoint, by OmWare
Designed for distance learning. The presenter's screen is broadcast to all attendees, and attendees can communicate with the presenter via telephone.
Hosted service. Basic, limited use is available free.
Inexpensive hosted service or licensed software.
NetTogether Presenter
Offers a way to give PowerPoint presentations to small-to-medium size groups with no need for audience members to install browser plugins or software.
Designed for online sales presentations and training. Available as a hosted service or as licensed software.
Offers audio conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing, and broadcast messaging services.
RoomTalk Communicator
Hosted service offering VoIP conferencing along with web conferencing features.
Hosted service offering web conferencing with VoIP. Per-minute fees.
SpaceCruiser, by Oridus
General purpose client/server conferencing software designed to be installed behind your corporate firewall. The SpaceCruiser server also supports a variety of conferencing applications specialized for IC design and engineering work.
Spectel DataXchange
Offers web conferencing services for a variety of vertical markets.
SPiN Chat System
Java-based chat software available as licensed software or hosted service. Site in German.
Tavos Service
Conferencing service featuring full motion video, VoIP, multicasting, application sharing, and group web browsing.
TeamView, by Reality Fusion
Reality Fusion has changed its name to Santa Cruz Networks.
Multilingual conferencing platform. The user interface is available in several European languages, selectable by the user. Offered both as licensed software and as a hosted service. T3W has been acquired by MeetingOne.
Veracity Communications
Built customized e-conference centers for corporate clients, primarily for collaborative work.
Virtual-Workspaces, by
Hosted collaboration toolset, offering multipoint audio and video conferencing, CAD file viewers, threaded discussion, community space and application sharing.
Vuechat CS
Customer service software combining text chat with streaming video.
V2 Conference, by IT Global One
Video, audio, and web conferencing offered as licensed on-premises software.
WebClass, by Eedo
Conferencing software designed especially for e-learning applications. Video conferencing via webcam is available as an add-on. Uses Inter-Tel Web Conferencing as its basic conferencing engine.
Web Conferencing Warehouse, by Obidicut
Low cost access to name-brand web conferencing platforms.
WiviTel, by Rize International
Portable video conferencing and screen sharing service for Asian cities, for up to 200 parties per call (six visible simultaneously).

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