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Mon, 5 Jun 1995 15:04:05 +0100

Dear Friends,

Since January of this year till about now, we at Birkbeck College, UK have
been running what we believe is the first global multimedia course
on the World Wide Web.   Conceived by Peter Murray-Rust, and run in
collaboration with the Virtual School of Natural Sciences of the Globewide
Network Academy, we have just held our end-of-course virtual party
in BioMOO, and will soon be awarding Certificates of Participation.

This was a free, un-accredited experiment, with 250 students originally
registering from 26 countries.   At the end we have retained about 70
or 80 active participants.   Just about everything has been conducted
in public cyberspace, with collaborative contributions, and freely
available shareware catering for most popular platforms, and all the
material delivered by the World Wide Web.   Hyper-archived email
discussion lists also played a large part; students have been given
assignments; operated in groups; undertaken web-based projects; we've
used chemical/MIME-activation of client-side applications (molecular
viewers), we've developed a collaborative hyperglossary, and lots

During Spring we've been fully occupied with organisation and matters
related to the Course, but we're hoping to make a showing at the
Virtual Conference, and expect to find an interested audience.

Please take a look at our site with a graphical browser at URL


and then we can conduct an informed discussion later.

Salutations, & Best Regards,

Alan Mills at Birkbeck, for vsns-pps,


PS Wouldn't it be convenient if these conference discussions were
hyperarchived so they could be browsed on the Web?