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Quotes from Clients

"David Woolley is THE authority, as far as I’m concerned, on computer-mediated conferencing systems, and one of the true pioneers of online community, dating back to his pioneering work with PLATO Notes. He truly understands both the social and technical aspects of social cyberspace."

Howard Rheingold, author of Smart Mobs and The Virtual Community and Founder of Rheingold Associates

"David Woolley knows the technical aspects of message boards and conferencing systems better than anyone I know. But he's also got a firm grasp of what it takes to build an online community, or host an online event, and a sensibility of what the technology can do to solve real problems. It’s a rare enough combination, but he's also fun to work with, writes and talks plainly to non-technical people, and gets stuff done quickly. Hire this guy!"

Griff Wigley, Founder of Real Joe, Inc., Wigley & Associates, and the Utne Reader's Cafe Utne

"David Woolley is a world-class developer and a true pleasure to work with. He made some great improvements to our web site at, helping us develop HTML Email Newsletters as a vital part of our community outreach. David delivers quality work, on time and on budget, and is a great team player. I highly recommend him as a talented programmer and interactive designer, with a deep understanding of how online communities work."

Fabrice Florin, Executive Director,

"David Woolley is REALLY good. He is competent, follows up quickly, and cares about doing a good job."

Rob Eastman, Chief Operating Officer, Netsperanto

"David Woolley is an outstanding developer and also has a rare insight into what makes a community successful. I recommend him highly."

Tim Lundeen, Chief Executive Officer, Web Crossing, Inc.

"David Woolley is a consummate professional. His work was exceptional, delivered on time, and well documented. He gave reliable time estimates, checked in when time limits approached, and was a pleasure to work with. My only reason for warning about working with him would be an attempt to make sure he is available next time I need his services!"

Barry Joseph, Online Leadership Director, Global Kids

"Two years ago you gave us some advice for GroupServe and we took it! I look forward to getting some more advice from you."

Wayne Silby, Founder & Chairman, GroupServe, Inc.

"David, What an EXCELLENT job you've done. I’m very pleased! I continue to get compliments on your excellent review. When I want to sell an idea I sure need you on my team."

Al Dixon, Chairman, International Computer Users Fellowship of Rotarians

"You did terrific work for Collector Online!"

Jeff Polansky, Chief Technology Officer, Collector Online

"Thank you to David Woolley, the website designer, for his dedication, thoughtfulness, discernment, consultations, and creativity."

Minneapolis Friends Meeting Bulletin

"We were particularly impressed with your attention to detail, speed of response, and with the trouble you took to match our intricate requirements to the solutions you suggested. Thank you!"

Mark Sealey, Chief Executive Officer, MarkWorks LLC

"Your efficiency and technical expertise continues to amaze me! What would we do without you???"

Pamela Lien, Registrar, Watershed High School

"I have been a customer of Thinkofit for the last three years and have found David’s service and results to be excellent. He has been very helpful in our efforts. I highly recommend him.

John Flanagan, Owner, Omnitude Partners

"David Woolley is extremely responsive and his recommendations are sound and sure. It is my pleasure to work with him and I will continue to consult with him for his expertise in the future. There are a few brick walls that I couldn’t have broken through without David’s knowledge."

Donna Gettings, Online Community Director,; Founder, Croaker Woods Consulting

"David has a unique history and insight to the trends of community based software and social networks. He is a creative and talented developer and a pleasure to work with."

Dave Jones, VP of Engineering, Web Crossing, Inc.

"David is a level-headed and thoughtful manager of complex projects, insightful into others’ (and technologies’) strengths and weaknesses but forgiving and optimistic."

Ben Stallings, General Manager, Twin Cities Free-Net

"Here is the man that probably knows the most about how the universe of web conferencing and online collaboration tools has evolved. David Woolley is one of the pioneers of the online conferencing industry and his experience with the development and use of asynchronous communication systems is unmatched."

Luigi Canali De Rossi, aka Robin Good, founder of Master New Media

"David Woolley combines more talents than is decent for any one technical professional to have. He can get people to (usefully) talk to each other. He can digest new software and divine its inner nature in short order, and then extend it in logical and beautiful ways. And he can write. On top of that, he's the world’s foremost authority on conferencing and collaboration software... and a nice guy."

Charles Roth, creator of Caucus and Founder of CaucusCare