Questions to ponder

  1. Why is there something rather than nothing?
  2. What do sperm whales think about?
  3. If we encountered an alien species as intelligent as we are, how would we recognize it?
  4. How might a nonhuman language differ from a human one?
  5. Where does music come from?
  6. What is money?
  7. Who is God?
  8. How does matter become conscious?
  9. Can we each choose our own future?
  10. Is more information always better?
  11. Can elephants learn arithmetic?
  12. Why do we sleep?
  13. Does a sense of humor bestow an evolutionary advantage?
  14. What is the optimum size for a community?
  15. Are virtual communities really virtual?
  16. How is Schrödinger's cat feeling today?
  17. How do they make Koosh balls?
  18. What comes next?
  19. What have we lost?
  20. What are we about to lose?
  21. What have we got that's worth keeping?
  22. How much is enough?
  23. What assumptions are implicit in these questions?

If you know the answers to any of these questions (or better yet, if you have more questions) please e-mail them to me.

David R. Woolley
May 19, 1995